Executive Committee

The NTTP-I Executive Committee is responsible for overall strategic direction of the Institute's activities and bears ultimate authority and accountability of NTTP-I projects. NTTP-I's Executive Director is responsible for management and implementation of the projects, coordination with the donors and other stakeholders, and steward the NTTP-I team in the context of the organizational vision and mission.

  • Mrs. Stella Tamang Mrs. Stella Tamang is Chairperson at NTTP-I. She is the Founding Chair and currently Advisor of the National Indigenous... Read More
  • Mr. Ajay Bhadra Khanal Mr. Ajay Bhadra Khanal is General Secretary of NTTP Institute. He had served NTTP-I in the capacity of Executive Director f... Read More
  • Mr. Sagar Prasai Mr. Sagar Prasai Is treasurer of NTTP Institute. He has worked for The Asia Foundation for more than 12 years includi... Read More
  • Mr. Vidyadhar Mallik Mr. Vidyadhar Mallik a former Minister, is one of the NTTP facilitators. With a former career in in civil service and gov... Read More
  • Mr. Daman Nath Dhungana Mr. Daman Nath Dhungana is a senior NTTP facilitator and Chairperson at NTTP-I. He served as the Speaker of the House after ... Read More
  • Mr. Birendra P. Mishra Mr. Birendra P. Mishra is an eminent member of Nepal's civil society and a regular contributor of opinion pieces in major n... Read More
  • Ms. Sajana Maharjan Ms. Sajana Maharjan is one of the founding members of NTTP-I and is currently one of the members of executive committee ... Read More