Sub-national Dialogue Groups

TTP-I continues to support sub-national dialogue groups in at least two regions in Nepal prone to conflicts. NTTP-I’s experience with Sambad Samuha (Dialogue Groups) in Dang, Kailali and Jhapa has been promising in resolving local conflicts, facilitating local level dialogues on politically contentious issues, mediating local disputes and promoting peace through peace-building activities. With vertical linkages with the different national dialogue groups at the center including NTTP Forum and the NTTP Thematic Groups, these sub-national dialogue groups also serve to mitigate violent conflicts and emergency crises as and when necessary. Lessons learned during the next two years of engagement will be used to expand the activity in the next phase (2017-2020). The subnational dialogues are focused on three areas:

  • Mitigating emerging and visible conflicts at the regional level to provide support to the groups to actively engage with and try to resolve the increasing number and complexity of conflicts emerging and becoming visible (as opposed to latent) at the regional level through evidence-based dialogue and action research.
  • Creating deeper vertical linkages to link the thematic groups and a group of newly trained facilitators to the region. The linkages will narrow down the gap between the center and periphery by promoting deeper understanding of regional stakeholder perspectives and increase the potential for regional input into national agendas and policy briefs. It will also introduce regional expertise and input into the thematic groups so that there is mutual mentoring rather than a one-way exercise in knowledge extraction from the center.
  • Consultation visits on regularbasis to the regions and conduct interactions, problem-solving workshops with multiple stakeholders on regional issues, and collecting local views for conflict resolution.

NTTP-I will continue to develop capacity to convene and host dialogues in those areas and expand its activities in more diverse and conflict-prone geographical regions.