NTTP Young Political Leaders Group

TTP-I currently has a Young Political Leaders’ Group (YPLG) whose members are influential young leaders in major political parties of Nepal. The meeting of Young Political Leaders’ Group is convened by NTTP-I and individual members of the YPLG take turns facilitating the meeting. The YPLG has been mostly focusing on

on contents of the constitution and resolving conflict and differences among political parties. The Young Political Leaders’ Group is encouraged to adopt a positive culture of rising above party positions to focus on the substantive content and hold constructive discussions in a cordial manner. At the end of each meeting, members come out with proposals and options to address the problem at hand. Young Political Leaders’ Group focuses on the following areas:

  • Constitution drafting and implementation process. The YPLG has been playing a significant role in proposing options at the party central committees and jointly talking with senior level leaders to lessen conflict. The Group will continue to play a significant role in both the CA and the political parties in the constitution-drafting, and then implementation process.
  • Peace process. The YPLG had taken initiative to drive the Truth and Reconciliation Commission formation, and the management of arms and armies before the integration. The Group, which has been sensitized to the nuances of the peace process, continues to promote and implement the remaining tasks of the peace process including transitional justice, land reforms and human rights.
  • Restructuring of the state. The YPLG is playing a significant role in facilitating restructuring of the state, which is likely to generate conflict. Engaging in implementing a new federal model and facilitating elections to the three-tiers of government, YPLG is expected to play decisive role in this regard.
  • Conflict mitigation and management. The capacity of selected YPLG members will be developed to facilitate dialogues, hold negotiations and mediate conflict. There will be a need for a younger generation of politicians with skills in conflict mitigation and management.
  • Political party reforms. Since political parties are central to running of the state, representing the people and delivering the fruits of democracy to the people, the quality of Nepal’s democracy will depend on political party reforms and inner party democracy. The YPLG can be a significant contributor to this process.

In addition, NTTP-I will seek to support young leaders in bringing their new ways of working into the public domain in the political institutions and structures in cooperative ways to contribute more explicitly to social change and fulfill the gap created by the erosion of prevalent leadership models and cultures.