NTTP Women Group

he composition of the Women’s Group (WG) is designed to represent women’s groups from across party lines, the civil society, and women’s networks. NTTP-I is a unique space that links different women’s networks and political groupings in the country. NTTP-I supports the Women’s Group in the following areas, which are generating conflict between the mainstream parties and women’s networks:

  • Gender-friendly constitution: WG works to contributing to the drafting of a gender-friendly constitution through discussions, generation of options and bringing different women’s networks together.
  • Policy formulation and legislative reforms: Supporting policy-formulation and legislative reforms on gender-related issues through research and dialogue is another avenue of the Women Group (WG).
  • Implementation of policies: The WG adopts mechanisms and approaches to promoting the implementation of gender-related laws, policies, guidelines and obligations by the state.
  • Leadership and political representation: Another key area of work of WG is stimulating women’s political representation and leadership roles in political parties, state structures, and the three-tiers of government.

In addition, NTTP-I will seek to support young leaders in bringing their new ways of working into the public domain in the political institutions and structures in cooperative ways to contribute more explicitly to social change and fulfill the gap created by the erosion of prevalent leadership models and cultures.