NTTP Madhesh Group

lthough higher-level political issues are represented in the NTTP Forum, NTTP Madhesh Group (MG), primarily consisting of civil society members and political leaders representing Madhesh links the Terai-based political leaders with Madhesh-based civil society. This group meets regularly and adopts ways to discuss, sensitize and implement agreed strategies on issues important to Madhesh and Madheshi people. As per the advice of the national gathering of Madheshicivil society members and Terai-based political leaders organized by the Madhesh Group in September 2014, the Group has prioritized three areas:

  • Policy research to bring more clarity on issues related to the Madhesh like political trends, inclusion, federalism, representation and electoral system through research and seminars, to help generate a greater understanding of issues related to Madhesh and reduce misunderstandings.
  • Continuous action research and panel discussions to generate consensus on options and best ways to resolve issues of high priority, including reflective sessions to document lessons learnt during the change process.
  • Public hearings with relevant Constituent Assembly members about the constitution-making process and the content of the new Constitution to make the process, content and implementation of the Constitution more responsive and accountable to people’s needs.