NTTP Dalit Group

TTP Dalit Group (DG) is also a cross-political party Group consisting of political leaders, civil society leaders and Dalit activists. Major work of NTTP DG is focused on addressingcaste discrimination and promoting political representation. The Dalit Group works on selected issues in the following four main areas, which will help promote the rights and representation of the Dalits:

  • Raising political awareness by influencing and raising awareness amongst parliamentarians, policy makers, political parties and civil servants; advocating for new legislation or for the implementation of existing legislation; finding ways to capture public concern on caste-based discrimination to influence elected representatives to take action.
  • Promoting equitable representation through institutional reforms by promoting constitutional reforms, specific legislation, mechanisms or appropriate budget allocation; lobbying for electoral reform, training officials, lobbying for increased recognition, visibility and importance to be given by institutions to caste discrimination; promoting the creation or implementation of affirmative measures, mainstreaming issues relating to caste discrimination into the political priorities, commitments and strategies of governments, donors and institutions.
  • Monitoring Government of Nepal’s budget and expendituretargeted at the Dalit community, including collecting and tracking data on how funds are allocated and disbursed, analyzing how resources are being targeted to caste-affected communities or diverted from their proposed use, using budget to understand and influence the priorities of governments, donors and institutions.
  • Conflict mitigation by facilitating dialogues and mediating conflicts around caste discrimination and untouchability through national, sub-national and community-based dialogues and field visits.