Consulting Program with Elected Dalit women Representatives

A half-day consultation meeting with elected Dalit women representatives at ward level of Kathmandu Valley was held at Sap Falcha on 29 December 2017 with an objective of understanding their level of knowledge regarding various policies. Almost 9 elected Dalit women representatives were sensitized regarding their equal right to participate in decision making process in the programme. The participants shared their experiences on the discrimination, domination and exploitation they faced in their life. In the programme, they shared the expectations of Dalit Community with them. Some of them are –playing a key role in the decision making process of village/municipality or ward level and implement them for the holistic development of their community; playing a role of key actor to reduce the gap between Dalit and non-Dalit community for establishing harmonized relationship; playing a key role to protect and modernize the traditional skills in the local level. The Dalit Community has also given mandate to these elected representatives to give priority to issues of vital registration and social security of their community. Likewise, a special priority was sought for children, women, people living with disability and sexual minorities of the Dalit community. They further demanded to advocate for the rights of Dalits and
provide legal remedial in cases of caste based discrimination.